What is tretinoin? Why don’t I hear about it?

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If you look in the medicine cabinet of most dermatologists, you’ll discover a plain, aluminum tube of generic tretinoin. Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative that makes skin cells produce more natural collagen and turn over to new, younger cells. You can read about it on WebMD, look at recent studies, or even read the research that originally proved tretinoin works, 30 years ago, in the most respected journals in dermatology.

If tretinoin really works, why don’t you hear everyone talking about it? Here’s the unfortunate truth. As a generic prescription, cosmetic companies can’t charge hundreds of dollars at an upscale department store. The closest you can come are lines like Obagi®, which package tretinoin in fancy clothes and cut doctors in on the markups.

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Tretinoin actually begins preventing wrinkles in your 20’s and 30’s.

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As your personal, board-certified dermatologists here at Clear Skin Concierge, we’re going to share a trade secret. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons may hawk pearl-encrusted bottles on TV. But we don’t buy branded skin creams for ourselves. We use tretinoin, which we prescribe at incredible prices.

The $400 3 oz skin creams from exclusive department stores? The infomercials with dermatologists in white coats and actresses weaving through Tuscan wheatfields? These overpriced products have no clinical evidence for real cosmetic improvement.

visit only costs $29.

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Same acne medications you use, through online dermatologists!


You know that topical clindamycin or Benzaclin is all you need. You’ve used them before and along with a little benzoyl peroxide, they clear your acne incredibly well in about 3 weeks! Or that stubborn acne on your back. Great results with doxycycline pills in about a week. You know it works for you!

With Clear Skin’s unique system, you get acne treatment that traditionally requires a dermatologist appointment, parking, and waiting at the doctor’s office. Now? It all happens with just a few simple clicks.

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Seriously. Retin-A 0.8% cream for acne for $25. Free home delivery.


Let’s say you have acne and live in California. Let’s also say you have commercial insurance coverage (everything except Medicaid, Medical, Medicare or other government plans). With me so far?

Then until October, you get brand name Retin-A (the nice stuff of tretinoin cream) delivered to your home for $25. Does that sound insanely great? What’s more, if you consult with us to get it, your online doctor’s visit only costs $29.

Let me show you how it works.

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Acne Treatment

You hate your child’s acne. Get them to a dermatologist in less than a week for $59.


You want to treat your kid’s acne, which is just getting worse. But should you go to a pediatrician for acne treatment? Should you get a referral to a dermatologist? What dermatologists see children?!

We’re dermatologists with pediatric training here at Clear Skin Concierge. Children’s acne is one of the most frustrating conditions for parents, and they don’t even know how bad it is. That deep acne in middle teenage can lead to scarring that lasts a lifetime, adding years to how old your son or daughter looks. If your child picks at their acne, it’s even worse. Squeezing acne in children just increases inflammation and scarring.

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