The actual secret to low acne medication prices in California

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I know, Clear Skin Concierge is the leader in convenience and price for online acne consultations. So why are we talking about your medication costs?

Coupons. Deductibles. Co-pays. Yes, you may have figured out Clear Skin costs half what other online derms cost for acne consultations, with amazing reviews. But what about we do for medication costs?

At most doctor’s offices, once a prescription is written, no one ever checks to see if you got your tretinoin or doxycycline. If you misplace the prescription or get too busy to visit a drugstore, the doctor never considers it their responsibility.

At Clear Skin, we regularly look for the lowest priced, most amazing customer service pharmacies that work with you to get you rock bottom prices. This means once you place your order, if you choose our selected pharmacy rather than your local one, they call you, check coupon codes, your insurance, and find the best price out-of-pocket for you. Then they deliver your meds to your doorstep. Imagine that!

And if you don’t think we’re outrageously good at what we do? Try and find another doctor who makes the same promise.

To get this cost savings, just choose the PriceAssist pharmacy option after your place your acne consultation order. We’ll do the rest.