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If you struggle with severe acne, doxycycline, (also known as Doryx®), may be the perfect remedy for those unwanted breakouts. Used as an acne treatment in California, doxycycline is also prescribed in Europe and other parts of the world to fight acne. Other brand names include Adoxa®, Alodox®, and Oracea®.The greatest benefit of doxycycline is that it works everywhere, like for back acne, not just on the face. Once the pill is ingested,  it gets to the skin about twice as fast as other antibiotics like tetracycline, oxytetracycline, and lymecycline. It also can stick around with its acne-fighting abilities for much longer than similar antibiotics.

The relative affordability of doxycycline sales online makes it a great option. We’ve extra worked hard to find low prices for doxycycline even if you have no insurance coverage or huge deductibles – often less than $50 a month even without insurance!

Unlike other antibiotics that become less effective with the consumption of food, doxycycline pills can be taken with food, and won’t be negatively impacted. Milk is one exception to this rule, but even when taken with milk, your body will absorb more medication with doxycycline than it would if you drank a glass of water with tetracycline.

Doxycycline can remove up to 65% of skin blemishes in 12 weeks, which is just one of many reasons it is the preferred choice for some users. Despite its obvious benefits, this medication isn’t for everyone. Not only does it make skin more sensitive to sun exposure, we don’t recommend it if you’ve had liver or kidney problems. If you are also prone to skin discoloration after being in the sun, doxycycline is not recommended for your use. We’ll answer all questions you have about your case when you’re treated at Clear Skin.

In rare cases, some have reported an increase in acne breakouts after beginning a doxycycline treatment. This usually takes place when users suddenly stop their treatments without using other products to counteract bacteria on the skin. At least keeping benzoyl peroxide going topically can prevent this. Consult your trusted San Francisco dermatologist to identify whether or not this acne medication is a good choice for you.

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