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What is a “Board-Certified” Dermatologist?


The very sensitive nature of skin demands high-quality and specialized treatment. Whether you are seeking acne treatment by online dermatologists or simply wanting to reverse the signs of aging, consulting professionals for a safe and effective treatment is one of the best decisions you could make for your skin’s health

However, choosing the right dermatologist for your skincare needs can be a daunting process, especially with the proliferation of online dermatologists and the potential uncertainty of obtaining prescriptions without making an office visit. How do you know who the best skin care professionals are? Whose medical opinions should you really trust? Thankfully, the medical industry has taken steps to ensure that consumers can identify educated, high-quality skin care professionals.

A board-certified dermatologist is a certified skin care professional who has successfully completed an American Board of Dermatology approved medical educational program. The purpose of this program is to access the knowledge, experience and skills of a medical professional, and determine whether or not they are qualified to perform patient care in their specialized field.

Becoming a board-certified dermatologist requires years of education, hands-on training, extensive study and frequent testing. Through an intensive educational process, dermatologists who choose to become board-certified reveal a dedication to professionalism, knowledge and continuing devotion to education, and professional experience that will greatly benefit their patients.

The best dermatologists will continue education and training after being board-certified to stay abreast on the latest advancements in medicine as well as to maintain their board certification through required continuing education and testing. At Clear Skin Concierge, our board-certified online dermatologist Deborah Goddard has trained at some of the most prestigious schools and medical offices. Dermatologist Minh Nguyen has also undergone high-end, extensive training in internal medicine which allows him to see skin and acne treatment as a component in a holistic approach to health, and not a problem limited to a patient’s skin. Both continue to engage in educational endeavors to provide the latest and most advanced treatments to their patients.

Acne treatment by our online dermatologists is rendered effective by dermatologist-developed acne mapping technology. Our advanced system personalizes skin treatment to match the individual, which produces powerful and long-lasting results. At Clear Skin Concierge, we continue to refine and improve our unique skin treatment system, to ensure the safest and most effective outcome for our patients.

Online dermatologists provide access to anti-aging and acne skin care easier and at amazing costs

Clear Skin Concierge can provide a variety of acne and anti-aging skin care medications to you, without the inconvenience of scheduling and attending an office visit, through an online consultation. To learn how Clear Skin Concierge’s safe and cost-effective treatments can improve your skincare regimen, call (650) 561-6115 today or send us a message and get started today!