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Seriously. Retin-A 0.8% cream for acne for $25. Free home delivery.


Let’s say you have acne and live in California. Let’s also say you have commercial insurance coverage (everything except Medicaid, Medical, Medicare or other government plans). With me so far?

Then until October, you get brand name Retin-A (the nice stuff of tretinoin cream) delivered to your home for $25. Does that sound insanely great? What’s more, if you consult with us to get it, your online doctor’s visit only costs $29.

Let me show you how it works.

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Acne Treatment

You hate your child’s acne. Get them to a dermatologist in less than a week for $59.


You want to treat your kid’s acne, which is just getting worse. But should you go to a pediatrician for acne treatment? Should you get a referral to a dermatologist? What dermatologists see children?!

We’re dermatologists with pediatric training here at Clear Skin Concierge. Children’s acne is one of the most frustrating conditions for parents, and they don’t even know how bad it is. That deep acne in middle teenage can lead to scarring that lasts a lifetime, adding years to how old your son or daughter looks. If your child picks at their acne, it’s even worse. Squeezing acne in children just increases inflammation and scarring.

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