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Seriously. Retin-A 0.8% cream for acne for $25. Free home delivery.


Let’s say you have acne and live in California. Let’s also say you have commercial insurance coverage (everything except Medicaid, Medical, Medicare or other government plans). With me so far?

Then until October, you get brand name Retin-A (the nice stuff of tretinoin cream) delivered to your home for $25. Does that sound insanely great? What’s more, if you consult with us to get it, your online doctor’s visit only costs $29.

Let me show you how it works.

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Acne Treatment, Blog, News, Tretinoin

How face acne treatment can be different


When you’re a teenager, acne can appear everywhere. Sure pimples on the forehead and chin are irritating and incredibly persistent. But as a dermatologist who sees all ages, I’m guessing you remember acne showing up on the chest and back as well. For some patients, acne on the chest leads to large, keloid-type scars that can last a lifetime.

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