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Getting acne medicine online, with Clear Skin Concierge

At Clear Skin Concierge, when we hear the word “telemedicine”, it makes us squint a little. Getting acne treatments online should sound a lot more natural, right? When’s the last time you heard about “tele-banking”? How about “tele-cabs”? “Tele-maps”?

We call Clear Skin’s approach to acne and anti-aging virtual medicine, because it’s virtually instant, virtually the same or cheaper as seeing a doctor in person, and virtually as easy as the moment you step inside a dermatologist’s office.

It works like this: 1) You tell us what is bothering you about your skin, 2) We make personalized recommendations, and 3) You choose from the medications we know are safe for you, including favorites like tretinoin and doxycycline.

Once you choose your meds, Clear Skin reviews your medical history and photographs. If there aren’t any furrowed brows, then your meds get sent to a pharmacy designed to maximize convenience and save you bucks.


Asking online dermatologists questions about acne and anti-aging

Although it sounds simple and tech-heavy, certified online dermatology relies deeply on excellent customer service. Just like at a regular doctor’s office, you’ll want to ask your online dermatologist about past side effects of some medications. Or you may want to know what strengths might work best for you. Last week, we had a patient with an upcoming graduation, who needed temporary fast results to get through family photos!

Our dermatologists have trained for years for board-certification at academic hospitals. They anticipate common side effects of the tretinoin, clindamycin, and oral doxycycline that give lasting acne relief for most of our patients. We know when a medication is wrong for sensitive skin. We know when deep, adult acne might not be treated well with only a topical drug.

When we see your photographs, our experience with thousands of past patients guides every recommendation we make. Within a day or less. Easy as reading a private message.

Finding the right pharmacy for you

All this attention you get for your acne from Clear Skin Concierge costs only $29. But I know what you’re thinking. What you pay most doctors for consultations is small change. It’s the medications that cost the most. Sometimes more than a hundred dollars per prescription! In getting anti-aging or acne medicine online, one of the most important decisions is choosing a doctor who thinks about your bottom line.

If you order online anti-aging prescriptions like tretinoin, Clear Skin sends your prescriptions to Koshland Pharmacy, a leading pharmacy in San Francisco. Koshland offers expertly compounded medications that feel like $300 store brands. But – their prices are competitive with the foreign-produced generic meds you get at your corner CVS. Plus with cold-packed delivery to your doorstep, our partners ensure a complete, professional experience for that great price.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We want you to try Clear Skin. If you’re not convinced that this care is better and easier than any derm office you’ve visited for acne or anti-aging, we’ll give your consultation fee back. Simple, guaranteed. Clear Skin Concierge.