3 reasons why you’ll get your acne medications from Clear Skin Concierge


I know you have acne. I know you used clindamycin or Retin-A that worked, but then you ran out. I know you don’t want to wait three weeks for an appointment sandwiched between your 3 o’clock meeting and rush hour home. Did I nail it? Time to start using Clear Skin Concierge for acne.

1. Select the medications you trust from Clear Skin – before you pay anything.

You know what works for your skin better than anyone else. Was it doxycycline pills? Tretinoin at 0.05% strength?With a few easy clicks, start our dermatologist-developed acne mapping technology to choose your most trusted treatments, which our physicians will personally review based on your medical history. 

2. Beat bad insurance with great everyday discounts, with meds delivered right to your door.

Smart patients know medications can cost much more than a doctor’s visit. If your insurance is more nickel-plated than premium platinum, we’ve found incredible prices that will make you wonder why you’re still appealing denials.


3. Not only are the meds cheap, you only pay $29 for the awesomely reviewed doctor consultation.

You already pay $25 for a co-pay right? Is it OK to spend the same amount to get the same evaluation and get incredible service at Clear Skin Concierge? Yes it is. In fact, if you don’t think we’ll answer questions faster than your current derm, write us here. We’ll turn you into a fan, as we have for hundreds of customers before.