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Why getting Latisse from Clear Skin Concierge also gets you Retin-A


This one is pretty simple math. Most women who need Latisse also need Retin-A (or its generic form, tretinoin). For a single $29 doctor’s consultation, we’ll find you great, home-delivered prices for both medications.


Yes, you can make your eyelashes fuller at Clear Skin Concierge.

Thin and short eyelashes? There’s a medical term for that! Hypotrichosis is the technical definition for eyelashes insufficient in thickness and fullness. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard of Latisse, the only drug clinically proven to grow eyelashes. Latisse is actually a derivative of bimatoprost, a drug first approved to slow glaucoma in 2001! But soon doctors and patients noticed the unintended side effects: longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Do I need a doctor’s consultation?

You do. Although we’ve seen some salons in San Francisco and Los Angeles sell black market Latisse (or the generic bitamoprost), there’s no way to know you’re getting authentic product.

In addition, you get close attention and instructions with real doctors. For example, don’t dab the formula on both upper and lower lids. If you apply it to the upper lid only, it will naturally spread to the lower lid by eye blinking. It’s also best to use the prescribed lash applicator instead of conventional makeup brushes you can purchase at the mall or drug stores. Discard each applicator after use because overuse or reuse of an applicator can lead to serious eye infection and allergic reactions.

Although Latisse is safe for most people, some patients get itchiness or redness of eyes, as well as eyelid skin darkening.  If you have a history of uveitis, it’s best not to start. Discussions about whether it’s right for you come best from a board-certified dermatologist at Clear Skin Concierge.

Wait, what about the Retin-A?

So you know Retin-A is the same thing as tretinoin, right? The best anti-aging cream on the planet that you should be using right now? You can get the best formulations in California shipped along with your Latisse.

Come try the Clear Skin process today. Easy on the eyelashes. Easy on the wallet.