Meet Our Dermatologists

When you need to treat acne effectively, or obtain cosmetic prescriptions that work, you’re in the best hands with a board-certified dermatologist. At Clear Skin Concierge, we understand this relationship intimately. As board-certified physicians with years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand issues that impede the best care and attention for the patient. That experience led us to develop Clear Skin’s revolutionary virtual dermatology care system. Our system provides exceptional service that operates on our client’s schedule and delivers results identical or better to a doctor’s office. By using an online system to provide care and deliver medications, we’re able to offer our clients key advantages a physical medical clinic can’t match. We can treat skin conditions more efficiently, more consistently and with improved access to the doctors when questions or concerns arise.

Meet Dr. Deborah Goddard, MD

Online Dermatologist Dr. Deborah Goddard, MD“I’ve always been passionate about making sure that patients not only get a treatment, but get better. I’ve refined Clear Skin Concierge’s unique, personalized system to deliver safe, effective improvements in acne and aging skin.”

Deborah Goddard, MD is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. She is board-certified in dermatology and served as chief resident at the University of California, San Francisco’s Department of Dermatology. Dr. Deborah is passionate about her patients and holds a special interest in helping parents treating their children. She works tirelessly to help refine the unique personalized system provided by Clear Skin Concierge Her mission is to provide safe and effective treatment for patients suffering from acne and other skin conditions.

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Meet Dr. Minh Nguyen, MD

Online Dermatologist Dr. Minh Nguyen, MD“My training in internal medicine helps me see your dermatology issues as part of a whole patient, not just a problem limited to the skin. Your satisfaction is my priority. ”

Minh Nguyen, MD is a graduate of Drexel Medical School. He is board-certified and completed training in internal medicine at Stanford Medical Center’s community hospital. Dr. Nguyen is deeply dedicated to providing fast and successful care for his patients. When you have questions, he leads team discussions focused on finding the latest, best information to direct your skin care.

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A Smarter, More Convenient Way

At a regular dermatologist’s office, an appointment for a consultation for yourself or your child can take weeks, if not months. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons often prioritize more costly laser or Botox visits, making it frustrating to obtain effective, prescription treatments. A second visit to begin a treatment plan may take just as long, and many frustrated patients eventually stop returning. In addition, you have to fit your limited availability into their daytime schedule. This outdated process means frustrating waits to begin improving your acne or cosmetic skin condition.

At most doctor’s offices, once a prescription is written, your journey has just begun, with time-consuming visits to the pharmacy, lost prescriptions, and unclear directions for follow-up. If you misplace the prescription or get too busy to visit an drugstore, the doctor never hears about it or considers it their responsibility. At Clear Skin, not only will we electronically send prescriptions to your drugstore of choice, we also offer an option to get those generic, proved medications delivered to your doorstep!

Finally, if questions or concerns arose in the past, you may have left a message with a nurse or receptionist, but your contact with the physician was likely very limited. With Clear Skin Concierge, you receive a response from a physician within 48 business hours. Access to your doctor is as easy as sending an email.

Compassionate and Experienced Dermatologists

Our dermatologists are passionate and caring, dedicated to providing each client with the absolute best care available. They are board-certified, with unique skill sets that enable them to treat your skin conditions from a personal perspective. With years of experience and exceptional training, our providers are committed to making your experience a special one. As a Clear Skin Concierge patient, you can rest easy knowing that your care is in great hands. If you feel differently, your cost for the consultation is refunded in full.

Your treatment has never been easier, faster, and more effective than treatment from Clear Skin Concierge. Start today by completing our online patient profile, and experience the Clear Skin Concierge difference.