About Our Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Deborah Goddard, MD


Online Dermatologist Dr. Deborah Goddard, MDWhen you look back on medical care you’ve received in the past, what details stand out? Did your doctors use current, established standards to choose your treatment, or did they simply give you the same medications they learned in medical training twenty years ago? When you had questions after you left the office, were you able to make fast, effective contact? Once a prescription was written, did your doctors care that you had gotten to the pharmacy and had started taking the meds properly? How common is it that you experience fast, efficient experiences in all these facets of medical care?

Deborah Goddard, MD has distinguished herself through her deep commitment to every individual patient. Her focus goes beyond managing symptoms of acne and other skin conditions. Rather, she is passionate in making sure her patients understand their condition and their personal best options for treatment. After years of delivering standard models of medical and dermatologic service, Dr. Goddard grew determined to provide her clients with a superior system.

Dr. Deborah Goddard, Success through Refinement

For a system to be effective, it requires dedicated people. The best ideas and the most revolutionary processes only reflect the personalities and attitude of the company that stands behind them. Dr. Goddard is devoted to making Clear Skin Concierge to be the most trusted, effective system for your acne and other skin issues. She always thinks about what medications work best for a particular patient, whether compliance is realistic and how to get those treatments for the lowest prices. Dr. Goddard has helped develop the unique, personalized, safe, and effective system that has served individuals throughout California. Clear Skin Concierge delivers personalized care that doesn’t stop until you receive your medications and experience improvement.

Experience and Skill

After graduating from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Goddard served as chief resident in the Department of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. She then completed a pediatric dermatology residency at UCSF, one of a very small cadre of physicians with intense training in the skin needs of children. With her vast skill and her partnership with Dr. Minh Nguyen, MD, Clear Skin Concierge is your first choice for virtual dermatology care.