About Our Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Minh Nguyen, MD


Online Dermatologist Dr Minh Nguyen, MDThere are those physicians focused only on symptoms a patient is experiencing and those who desire a relationship with their patients that far exceeds a simple remedy. Board-certified Dr. Minh Nguyen, MD understands that your acne and other skin conditions go far deeper than mild discomfort. While focusing on your skin issues, Dr. Minh Nguyen strives to do so in a way that treats you like a real person; with feelings, questions, and concerns. Unfortunately, the modern medical model has made it increasingly difficult for patients to know their doctors and communicate with them when they need. Doctors are often isolated from the patient, with very little contact outside of a brief office visit. Clear Skin Concierge was founded to deliver standardized, personalized care, and Dr.Minh Nguyen works hard to provide that level of care to each and every patient.

A Smarter, More Convenient Way

In co-founding Clear Skin Concierge, Dr. Minh Nguyen sought to fix problems limitations he observed with patients having chronic medical issues in a traditional treatment setting, Working closely with Dr. Deborah Goddard, MD, he developed the Clear Skin Concierge system. Using online capabilities, our doctors can provide patients with a fast way to understand their treatment options. Our physicians focus their time on investing in the patients and answering their questions in real time.

Dr. Minh Nguyen – A Unique Perspective

His training at Stanford Medical Center’s community hospital, in the specialty of internal medicine, provided Dr. Nguyen with a unique perspective. He is skilled at considering the entire body, and not just the skin conditions appearing on the surface alone. He recognizes that academic dermatologists have worked out well-tested treatment regimens that give patients a far better chance at improvement than faddish new medicines. Dr. Nguyen is not interested in a quick fix that simply bandages the problem. Instead, he is dedicated to using proved medications, at the lowest costs, to heal the individual and improve the skin.

Your treatment has never been easier, faster, and more effective than treatment from Clear Skin Concierge. Start today by completing our online patient profile, and experience the Clear Skin Concierge difference.

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