Acne Treatment – Get Prescription Online $29

At Clear Skin Concierge, we’re passionate about providing innovative, ridiculously convenient skin care. If you live in California, you can get professional and dedicated diagnosis and treatment, right from your computer or mobile device.

Our providers are Stanford and UCSF trained, board-certified physicians with years of experience understanding acne and anti-aging. We’ve learned from the leading professors who wrote the best known textbooks in dermatology.

The biggest reason to use Clear Skin is that we’re real doctors totally focused on results. No upsells. No fads. Not only do we only charge $29 for a consultation, we also work extra hard to find you cheaper prices for the medications you need.

Like all dermatologists, we’ve smacked our heads watching cosmeceutical companies hawk products that don’t work (or work the same as the Walgreens brand for ten times the price). We’re different. Our doctors are actually using electronic care to give patients exceptional outcomes. Online acne treatment that solves problems office visits don’t. This is why every email you send gets answered. Every time we talk with you is an opportunity to understand how to get you better treatments and medication, for the best possible results.
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How can I tell I’m not at my old dermatologist’s office?

Clear Skin Concierge is dedicated to getting medications delivered to your doorstep.

We find less expensive pharmacies to send these meds.

And we reply to your emails about treatment within 48 business hours. Clear Skin makes improving acne simpler, and we make it work on your own time.

Difficulty getting to a doctor makes treatment less effective

Our service was started to help address simple, common dermatological conditions in a standardized, convenient way. Patients anywhere in the state of California, from Sacramento to San Diego, can receive immediate evaluation for their skin conditions, regardless of their distance from a dermatologist. Part of the problem is that dermatologists and plastic surgeons often favor large metropolitan areas, making these doctors a lot harder to find in smaller towns. Those in rural communities sometimes drive three or four hours to see specialists in our San Francisco clinics.

As online medicine begins solving these needs, you may notice sometimes your doctor gets “off-shored”. This means you get shuttled to a doctor not in the specialty you need, or who only get paid to answer your question once. A quick look at reviews will show these sites don’t provide the support and communication essential to great medical care.

When we say your Clear Skin doctor is now only a few clicks away, we’re talking about something very different. We make suggestions based on your photographs and what you share about your medical history. We help you look for pharmacies with better prices, if you’re not insured. And you still get the same, effective, prescription medications you receive in-office.

Anyone residing in the state of California can be seen by Clear Skin Concierge physicians. We follow the recommendations of the California Medical Board and American Academy of Dermatology. That means we only treat conditions that can be evaluated precisely from high-quality photographs.

Our website was designed to take advantage of what you already know works

With a few simple clicks, you tell us about your acne or anti-aging problems. Then, through the same unique digital interface, you instantly see the best fit in acne treatment options. You can choose the medications you’ve had good experiences with,  before spending your hard earned money trying them out.

And at Clear Skin Concierge, we’re not fans of hidden fees or extra expenses. Your three-month subscription completely covers your care.

Avoid pharmacy lines using online treatment for acne

Our technology-savvy clientele gave us one resounding message: nothing says 1998 like standing in line in the pharmacy line at a drugstore, crammed between coughing patients. When you leave a doctor’s office, they often feel the job has been done by simply handing you a prescription. At Clear Skin, our concept of customer service means we send electronic prescriptions to your pharmacy to cut down on waiting. Or, we can have your medications mailed to you directly at home. It’s like we’ve brought the house call back to the digital age!