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Seriously. Retin-A 0.8% cream for acne for $25. Free home delivery.

Let’s say you have acne and live in California. Let’s also say you have commercial insurance coverage (everything except Medicaid, Medical, Medicare or other government plans). With me so far?

Then until October, you get brand name Retin-A (the nice stuff of tretinoin cream) delivered to your home for $25. Does that sound insanely great? What’s more, if you consult with us to get it, your online doctor’s visit only costs $29.

Let me show you how it works.

Retin-A is amazing for acne

I’m going to assume you already know about Retin-A.

Also known as Retin-A cream, tretinoin is a natural derivative of vitamin A. It is traditionally used to treat wrinkles and premature aging, but can also treat skin discoloration and minimize acne scarring. Tretinoin is available in gel, liquid or cream form and effectively removes a thin layer of dead skin cells from your face. This allows the skin to even out skin tone, reverse bumps and repair scar texture by speeding up the skin’s cell turnover. When the layer of dead skin is removed, a new layer of skin is revealed, which causes the body to produce more collagen. The collagen helps plump up the skin, which also improves its appearance.

Pricing drops like you’ve never seen.

Let’s start with the drug price. If you live in California, Ortho Dermatology, the maker of Retin-A, will pay part of your co-pay if you have coverage through a regular insurance company for acne. This doesn’t work for Medi-Cal, for example, or if your insurance company doesn’t cover acne. But for everyone else, Ortho will pick up the tab on your medication co-pay, taking it to $25. Awesome, right?

Just remember this is a promotion that won’t last past October 2017. Just sign up with Clear Skin Concierge, evaluate your acne and choose the PriceAssist Pharmacy, and we’ll order you Retina-A Micro 0.08%, the 50g pump.

Home delivery for your Retin-A from PriceAssist Pharmacy

For this promotion, if you order with Clear Skin Concierge, we send your prescription to PriceAssist. Alto will make sure your co-pay goes to $0, then deliver it for FREE to your doorstep. Crazy right? Just enter promo code “25R” when you sign up with Clear Skin for acne.

All together now.

  1. So evaluate your acne with Clear Skin Concierge. Pay only $29 for a consultation with Clear Skin, which is less than co-pay at most doctor’s offices, without ever leaving your couch.
  2. Enter promo code “25R” to make sure your 50g of Retina-A Micro 0.08% has its co-pay comp’d by our PriceAssist Pharmacy and you get home delivery for FREE.
  3. That’s $54 total. It never gets better than this.