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Tretinoin treats acne best at the skin surface

Treating acne can be a frustrating trial and error process, because no single treatment works for everyone. Plus, the effect of a medication on a patient can change over time, based on that person’s changing age and hormonal profile. One of the most valuable things Clear Skin Concierge can tell you is what’s got the best chance of working, based on your type of acne.

You may know it as Retin-A®

Tretinoin works as a retinoid, a specific class of chemical compounds that naturally occur in human skin. Retinoids modulate the growth and renewal of skin cells. Although you’ll hear that about everything from witch hazel to snail snot to apple cider vinegar, it isn’t true. If you don’t believe me, find one dermatologist who will say so, who’s not hawking that ingredient in their own branded bottle! Not only do retinoids encourage your skin to renew its cells, they also reduce inflammation. Other retinoids include tazarotene and adapalene (which just went generic).

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You apply tretinoin topically to treat mild to moderate acne. Certain pores are more prone to becoming clogged with dead skin cells, resulting in acne. When applied to areas of the skin that are prone to breakouts, tretinoin penetrates the oil-producing sebaceous glands that are more liable to become blocked. It’s reducing that initial blockage of pores that makes tretinoin effective as acne treatment.

Tretinoin is not as great for the red, deep bumps on the chin that adult women get. A lot of times at Clear Skin Concierge we’ll start women on a topical, but we end up having to go to pills to get them strong results. Also the super deep angry, scarring acne some men get all over their cheeks? Those do best on pills too. But the tiny bumps on the forehead or cheeks? Tretinoin is great for those.

Before applying tretinoin, gently wash the area with warm, soapy water so the medication can easily penetrate the clean skin. And use it every night. Tretinoin takes 8-10 weeks to start showing its stuff!  Learn more about how tretinoin can help you.

Clear Skin Concierge prescribes tretinoin cheaper than anyone

Let the board-certified dermatologists at Clear Skin Concierge help you choose an acne treatment and prevention option that’s right for you. Get started with a personalized skin care profile and get either cheapo tretinoin from a Walgreens or premium tretinoin in a pump delivered straight to your door! And our $29 consultation fee? Find a regular price lower than that, and we’ll put some snail snot on our skin too.