What is tretinoin? Why don’t I hear about it?

If you look in the medicine cabinet of most dermatologists, you’ll discover a plain, aluminum tube of generic tretinoin. Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative that makes skin cells produce more natural collagen and turn over to new, younger cells. You can read about it on WebMD, look at recent studies, or even read the research that originally proved tretinoin works, 30 years ago, in the most respected journals in dermatology.

If tretinoin really works, why don’t you hear everyone talking about it? Here’s the unfortunate truth. As a generic prescription, cosmetic companies can’t charge hundreds of dollars at an upscale department store. The closest you can come are lines like Obagi®, which package tretinoin in fancy clothes and cut doctors in on the markups.

At Clear Skin Concierge, a simple consultation is all you need, for us to send your generic prescription to the best priced online pharmacies, which deliver straight to your door. For less than the cost of most co-pays, we make dermatologist-caliber skin care as easy as buying from Amazon.

So tell me again how much this all costs.

Ready for a final secret? A virtual dermatology consultation will cost you from $30 to $60. Most won’t even tell you what medications you’re likely to get when you start. And that hides the real cost of getting real anti-aging treatments like tretinoin. You’ll pay, as of May 2015, more than $200 at a Walgreens for 45g tube of tretinoin, because your insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic products. So many of our patients have been rejected from insurance coverage for cosmetic tretinoin, ending up with $200 bills, that we advise you not even to try. When’s the last time your doctor took the time to tell you that?

At Clear Skin, we constantly research where to get the same generic medicines at serious discounts. After you sign up for a consultation with us, we can one-click your prescriptions at checkout to mail-order pharmacies that deliver the goods, with no insurance coverage, for less than $70. We don’t get a cut from them. We’re totally independent and working for you. Clear Skin Concierge’s mission is to relentlessly save you money and time. If you’re considering any other virtual dermatology provider, ask them if they’ll do the same.

Total costs? $29 (consultation) + < $60 (medication) = less than $100 before shipping.