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Trusted. NABP verified. Incredible convenience without the risk.


Both our customers and patients have asked us how to choose a physician as medicine moves to the web. Do all services work the same? Has there been any verification of those that meet higher standards for privacy and service?

Clear Skin Concierge has been approved by the National Associated Boards of Pharmacy® Verified Pharmacy Program.

That’s a 16-point inspection program covering privacy and medical standard of care that makes mortgage approval and root canals seem easy.

It means we’ve met the standards set by National Associated Boards of Pharmacy® for licensure, controlled substance registration, prior discipline, location, validity of prescription, legal compliance, privacy, patient services, website transparency, domain name registration, and affiliated websites.

It’s even been verified that we own our own website, rather than some shell company in the Cayman Islands!

In fact, if we detect that you didn’t go on to get your tretinoin or acne meds from our pharmacy partner (if you choose them as your pharmacy), we actually go ahead and refund your consultation with us. Crazy, right?

At Clear Skin, if we can’t get you the right diagnoses and prescriptions sent to pharmacies with affordable costs, we’re not happy. We’ve crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s to conform to guidelines of the American Academy of Dermatology for telemedicine. We’ve made sure that with everything you have to worry about in life, your virtual dermatologist is not one of them.

Experience us today at All skin. All the time.