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Generic Retin-A® (tretinoin) from your local pharmacy
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Premium cosmetic home delivery from Koshland Pharmacy
● tretinoin 0.025% • hydrocortisone 1% 30g
● tretinoin 0.1% • hydroquinone 6% • hydrocortisone 1% 30g

Koshland Pharmacy offers expertly formulated tretinoin compounds with a silky feel rivaling premium brands, delivered to your doorstep in air-resistant pumps you won’t find anywhere else. Best of all? Clear Skin doesn’t take a cent in markup, giving you the best prices in the world.

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● doxycycline 60 tablets
● clindamycin 1% solution with 60 appliers

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Many patients with insurance don’t know that their medication coverage often depends on whether their dermatologist submits all their paperwork.

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