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● tretinoin 0.025% • vitamin C 30g
● tretinoin 0.025% • hydrocortisone 1% 30g
● tretinoin 0.1% • hydroquinone 6% • hydrocortisone 1% 30g
● latisse (bitamoprost) 3ml

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PriceAssist Pharmacy med prices, delivered, without insurance (medical formulation)
● tretinoin 0.025% + 1% soothing vitamin C 30g
● tretinoin 0.025% (plain) 20g
● tretinoin 0.1% + 1% soothing vitamin C 30g
● tretinoin 0.1% (plain) 20g
● clindamycin 1% 60 pledgets
● doxycycline 100mg 45 tabs